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The device is designed so that the partner does not feel the presence of aid during sex, therefore providing mutual maximum enjoyment.

What is ALWAYS CAN and how is it used?

ALWAYS CAN is a modern designed mechanical device which allows men with erectile dysfunction a smooth high-quality sexual intercourse.

This is a discreet sexual aid made of modern materials which are used in plastic surgery and orthopedics, completely safe, and unlike other chemical stimulants, which help to maintain the erection, it does not produce any health effects.

Who is ALWAYS CAN intended for?

ALWAYS CAN is for all men who are faced with the problem of potency and inability to retain the erection. As a result of a stressful way of life and other circumstances, the occurrence of erectile dysfunction affects a large number of men regardless of age.

With the help of this device which maintains a constant erection and increases sexual desire, these problems disappear forever.


It is available exclusively through the Internet sale and the process of ordering and shipping is completely discreet. The device comes in the original discreet holster which enables the customer to have ALWAYS CAN at hand every time he needs it. The device has a lifetime warranty, does not require additional investments, its maintenance is very simple and includes only hygienic washing after use.


ALWAYS CAN is a simple and powerful device that helps the customer to overcome difficulties and enrich sex life. Its greatest advantages are:


  • It is intended for the lifetime use without extra costs and investments
  • Unlike chemical stimulants, it has no harmful effects on health
  • It eliminates the feeling of anxiety and discomfort due to the inability to maintain an erection
  • It enables secure and high quality enjoyment in sex and increases libido